The INL reopens its doors following renovation works

The renovation and refurbishment of the National Languages Institute (Institut national des langues, INL) will provide spaces better suited to pupils' needs.

03-inl_2The National Languages Institute has reinstated its main building on the Glacis after 30 months of renovation and refurbishment works. The new refit involves an extension of the ground floor, transformation of the former canteen into an examination room and spaces amenable to 'soft' mobility. The parking spaces have been reduced from 74 to 20, the need for parking having become less pressing with the arrival of the tram at the end of July.

It the context of the current renovation project, the surface area used for classrooms has been increased by 25%. In parallel with this, the INL now has 9 new examination rooms, which will be used primarily for oral exams.

In the premises of the former European School

The modernisation works began in February 2016 following the institution's move to the former building of the European School at 21 Boulevard de la Foire. The total cost of the transformation amounts to 13 million euros. During this transitional period, courses were held in the temporarypremises situated on the site of Eurocontrol, the air traffic institution on Kirchberg.

New academic year 2018/2019

With effect from the start of the new term, on 25 September, the new pupils will be able to use the INL's spanking new rooms and enjoy the more convivial general atmosphere. Full details of the courses offered for the new academic period will be published during the second half of July. To register for a course, it will be necessary, as a preliminary step, to attend an interview; such interviews will take place, by appointment, on 9, 10 and 11 July 2018. Following the interview, the interviewee will receive an enrolment voucher enabling him or her to register online as from 12 September 2018.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure / Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth)
  • Updated 09-07-2018