Emergency services

Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps: a single corps, a single number

Since 1 July, all emergency services are now combined in the new Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (Corps Grand-Ducal d'Incendie et de Secours, CGDIS)

Municipal fire and rescue services and Civil Protection units (both of which are mainly manned by volunteers), the emergency medical aid service (SAMU), Luxembourg City's fire and ambulance service and firefighters at the airport now form the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (CGDIS).

A single corps, a single number

The CGDIS, a public establishment, will strengthen cooperation between the State and the municipalities, which share responsibility for emergency services in the Grand Duchy. The single structure will allow integrated, effective and efficient management of every aspect of the organisation of emergency services.

The new CGDIS represents:

  • a single corps;
  • a single logo;
  • a single uniform;
  • a single fleet of vehicles;
  • a single mission - to help in an emergency.

An information campaign has been launched, with the slogan 'A single corps, a single number - more efficient, more responsive'; it aims to present the main new features introduced by the emergency services reform. The campaign will be widely present in the media, including social networks, radio and television, to reach and inform as many people as possible.

Infographics offer an entertaining and educational way of presenting details of the actual changes the reform will bring about and presenting the various players and the reasons behind the need for such a change and for bringing together the different stakeholders.

The omnipresence and importance of the everyday codes and actions of the emergency services are illustrated by a video clip in the form of a graphic presentation. The clip stresses the importance of coordination with a view to ensuring the most effective action.

(Article written by the editorial team of the luxembourg.lu portal / Source : press release from the Ministry of Interior Affairs)
  • Updated 06-07-2018