Modu 2.0

Citizens, employers and local councils are increasingly called on to find solutions for improvements by 2025.

30-moduPresented on 30 May by the Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, François Bausch, the new Modu 2.0 strategy underlines the progress made since 2012 with MoDu, which focused on multi-modality and enhancement of public transport. The strategic objective for 2025 is to reduce peak-hour congestion while continuing to transport 20% more people than in 2017.

Involving the four major mobility players

With its slogan "Mobilitéit zesummen erreechen" ("Achieving mobility together"), version 2.0 extends the mobility toolbox strategy and addresses more explicitly the four mobility players, namely the citizens, local councils, employers and the state. While the state continues to catch up in terms of infrastructure, the other three players are implementing a number of concrete measures that will make mobility more enjoyable, more efficient and more economical in the short and medium term.

A document broken down into five sections

Modu 2.0 complements the Sector Transport Plan presented by the government on 27 April 2018, and can be broken down into five sections:

  1.  Mobility figures taken from the 2017 "Luxmobil" survey, various recent surveys and the current survey into costs and benefits in the land transport sector in the Grand Duchy.
  2. The 2025 targets for modal shares, peak-hour vehicle occupancy and the quality of public transport.
  3. A mobility toolkit detailing some 50 concrete measures that the four mobility players can implement.
  4. A summary of the main projects in the field of land transport that have been carried out since 2012 or are currently being implemented or in the planning stage.
  5. An illustration of the planning method that the Grand Duchy can apply in order to switch from a catch-up approach to an anticipatory approach.


The document is available for downloading in French. Versions in German and Luxembourgish will be available from the summer of 2018. A hard-copy brochure can be ordered by sending an email to:

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  • Updated 04-06-2018