CoPilote: the national carpooling platform.

Since May 8, 2018, Luxembourg has a national carpooling platform.

"CoPilote" is the name of a website and an application for mobile devices (Android and iOS) that connects people with similar journeys so that they share their journey in a single car. The platform, which is already online, was set up by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (MDDI).

How does it work?

To enjoy the full functionality of the application, a free registration is required. Then, drivers can enter their unique or regular trips and enter other useful information (atmosphere, music, luggage size, etc.). Once the trip is published it can be found by simple search.

The driver may charge his passengers for travel expenses, which may not exceed 10 cents per kilometer. Passengers can easily pay via the platform and during the launch phase until 15 July 2018, CoPilote reimburses even a portion of the travel costs!

To make the service even easier and more enjoyable, passengers and drivers have the opportunity to follow their drivers or their passengers on a map to better understand the exact time and place of the meeting.

Why a national carpooling platform?

A recent MDDI study found that for commuting, the overall vehicle fill rate is only 1.2 people per car. This corresponds to 250,000 empty seats each dayin the agglomeration of Luxembourg City. Added to this is the fact that the localities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but also in the three neighboring countries, often have a relatively small number of inhabitants, which makes it difficult to provide efficient public transport services.

These findings lead to the conclusion that carpooling, i.e. the use of a single car by several people on the same trip, is a fairly simple, economical and effective option to reduce congestion during rush hours. and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of cars on the move.

Thus, the MDDI decided to set up a tool to facilitate the connection between drivers and passengers: the carpooling platform 'CoPilote'.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source : Press release of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures)

  • Updated 14-05-2018