Development cooperation

Luxembourg devotes 1% of its GNI to development aid

In 2017, Luxembourg met its international commitments by allocating 1% of its gross national income (GNI) to official development assistance.

13-developpementAccording to the official data collected by the OECD, Luxembourg is among the five member countries of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) to have reached the objective set by the United Nations, which is to maintain official development assistance at a level equal to or above 0.7%. The Grand Duchy thus reaffirms its second place among the most generous countries in the world in terms of development cooperation.

USD 146.6 billion in development aid

According to the official OECD data, official development assistance reached a total of USD 146.6 billion in 2017, in other words a drop of 0.6% compared to the previous financial year. This overall reduction can mostly be explained by the drop in expenditure on refugees hosted in donor countries. On the other hand, bilateral aid to the least developed countries increased by 4% compared to 2016 in order to reach USD 29 billion.

In 2017, five members of the DAC reached the objective of devoting at least 0.7% of GNI to official development assistance :

  1. Sweden (1.01%);
  2. Luxembourg (1%);
  3. Norway (0.99%);
  4. Denmark (0.72%);
  5. United Kingdom (0.7%).
(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source : press release by ALFI)
  • Updated 16-04-2018