Women's rights are among the most respected in Luxembourg

According to the Women, Peace and Security Index published by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS), Luxembourg ranks 15th of the countries that are the most respectful towards women.

18-womansecurityThe Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security was founded in 2011 by the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Its index analysed the living and inclusion conditions - in social and economic terms - of women in 153 countries. The study published in October 2017 ranks Luxembourg 15th in the world amongst countries that are the most respectful towards women. Ireland holds the first position, followed by Norway and Switzerland.

Economic inclusion

One of the areas in which the Grand Duchy excels is financial inclusion, the level of which is particularly high. From the age of 15, 97% of women have access to bank services, against the overall average of 55%. Post-secondary education for women aged 25 and above reached 11.6%, against a global rate of 6.8%. In Luxembourg, women held 28% of parliamentary seats in 2016. Here again, the rate is well above average, which stands at 20%. Lastly, 54% women aged 25 and above have paid work, against an average of 50%.

Low sexual discrimination rates

Luxembourg records the lowest rate of sexual discrimination cases. The index praises the country's uprightness: only 2% of men think women shouldn't have the right to work. It's an extremely low rate, especially considering that, according to the index, the worldwide average stands at 19%.

71% of women (against a worldwide average of 60.5%) feel safe where they live. 22% say they were victims of domestic violence. While the rate is lower than average (30%), it's a fact that women need better protection and that it must remain among the concerned states' priorities

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal - Source: GIWPS)

  • Updated 19-03-2018