Users are happy with the new tram

A study has shown a high level of satisfaction with this new mode of transport

13-luxtramA large proportion of the population and visitors to the Grand Duchy find travelling by tram an attractive proposition. That's the result of a TNS Ilres opinion poll carried out in January and February 2018. 83% of the people asked expressed a positive opinion about the tram. Once it had come into service, 72% of the people asked were prepared to use public transport more, and 77% recommend the tram to families and friends.

Satisfied users

During the first two months of its existence, nearly 17,000 people used this environment-friendly means of transport on a daily basis.

More than a quarter of the population (28%) used the tram during its first six weeks, with a high level of satisfaction (about 90%) for the idea of a tram, its design (95%), comfort (89%), and platform organisation (92%) and frequency of the service (87%). 79% of the people interviewed said they felt they had received sufficient information.

So it would seem that the tram has completed an important stage - public acceptance. The poll also confirms the future stages being carried out now or planned for later: by June 2018, passengers will be able to reach the Place de l'Etoile, and by 2019/2020 the route should link a number of major focal points of the City of Luxembourg, running from Kirchberg to the main railway station, via the Boulevard Royal and the city centre.

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  • Updated 16-03-2018