The new reform of parental leave makes parents happy

Compared to 2016, 89% more parents have benefited from the new parental leave, which is more favourable and flexible than ever before.

06-congeparentalThe Minister of Family, Corinne Cahen, drew up an initial assessment and expressed her appreciation regarding the fact that the new reform, which entered into force on 1st December 2016, makes it easier to reconcile working life and private life. In 2017, 10.881 applications were submitted, against "only" 6.759 in 2016. Among the beneficiaries, there are many dads; in fact, their number rose impressively, with a leap of 190% ! As for women, the rate also increased by 20%. With 89% more parents taking a parental leave,the new reform of parental leave has proven to be a huge success.

Picking the right solution for you

The new reform means more flexibility,coupled with a more enticing replacement income.  The most popular solution for women remains full-time parental leave for 6 months, while men prefer taking one day of leave per week over 20 months. This greater flexibility also makes things easier in terms of organisation at the workplace. In 97% of cases, employees and employers managed to reach an agreement.

(More than) happy parents according to a survey

According to a survey performed by TNS Ilres over the past ten months, 85% of parents said they are "extremely or very pleased" with the new parental leave.  Their quality of life has improved significantly. 79% of parents think it is better than the former system.

Protecting family and work does not come cheap

The reform comes at a key time, when the "family life - working life" constellation is being drastically remodelled. In today's society, parents want to cut down working hours (by 20, 30 or 50%) to spend more time with their child. While the new leave is a solution, it does not come cheap. Although initially budgetted at 74 million euros, the cost has more than doubled in 2017, reaching the amount of 165 million in State funding.

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  • Updated 08-03-2018