Cooperation and Humanitarian Action expands across Europe

05-emergencyThe satellite-based telecommunication system, "", which was developed by SES and the Luxembourg Government, made a name for itself when typhoon "Haiyan" hit the Philippines in 2013, an earthquake shook Nepal in 2015 as well as when hurricane "Matthew" struck Haiti. Its latest intervention dates back to 2017, when it helped Portuguese emergency services combat the devastating fires that ravaged the country all summer.  

As of today, the satellite-based emergency assistance system has been officially integrated to the emergency response pool ("Voluntary Pool") of the European Union. On this occasion, the Minister of the Interior, Dan Kersch and the Minister of Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Romain Schneider, attended the "Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC)" in Brussels so as to formalise the integration of "" in the EU's aid scheme.

Luxembourg will thus participate - through its satellite-based communication system, which can restore Internet connectivity in disaster-hit areas - in the European Emergency Response Capacity (EERC) and the European Medical Corps, for an initial period of 2 years.  

Luxembourg's contribution

Since its inception in October 2014, the Voluntary Pool brought together 16 participating States as well as 70 civil protection measures (search and rescue teams, water purification equipment, pumping units with a big capacity, etc.).

With the "" solution, the Grand Duchy will be the first country to integrate a communication module in the Voluntary Pool. Luxembourg's support will be made available as follows:

  • a rapid response satellite-based communication system:"";
  • two technicians from the group in charge of humanitarian missions of the Rescue Services Agency, one of whom will act as "Head of Mission";
  • an ICT equipment kit (information and communication technologies);
  • a survival equipment kit (tent, medicine, combat ration packs, etc.);
  • a generator.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source : Ministry of Interior / Luxembourg Rescue Services Agency / Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs / Directorate of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action)  

  • Updated 07-03-2018