Languages, a new tool to promote the Luxembourgish language

The online platform, which also contains several discussion forums, gives a voice to citizens.

27-sproocheronn.luOn 22 February 2018, the Minister of National Education, Children and Youth Claude Meisch and the Secretary of State for Culture Guy Arendt launched the initiative, an online citizen's platform. Faced with the rapid development of the country, its economy and its population, but also the globalisation of culture, the idea of rethinking the promotion of the Luxembourgish language seemed obvious.

In a multilingual society, it's essential to ensure that this promotion is not to the detriment of the country's openness. The Secretary of State Guy Arendt took advantage of the occasion to also present the bill submitted in order to implement the following measures: the Zentrum fir d’Lëtzebuergescht (Centre for Luxembourgish), the role of Commissioner for the Luxembourgish Language, a 20-year action plan, and a national language day.

Collecting citizens' proposals

The task is now to complement these efforts, by giving a voice to citizens. Since 20 February, the website has collected the proposals and discussions between Internet users on three major themes: learning, working and living with Luxembourgish. The same themes are covered during citizen forums organised across the country, over a period of one month, from 27 February to 20 March 2018, in the presence of Minister Claude Meisch and the Secretary of State Guy Arendt.

The proposals selected online and during citizen forums will then be compiled in a report which will be officially submitted to the Commissioner for the Luxembourgish Language. The latter will take this into account when drafting a 20-year action plan for the Luxembourgish language.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: Press Release from the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth)

  • Updated 01-03-2018