House of Biohealth - labs up and running

The 'House of Biohealth' will eventually house up to 600 researchers.

05-biohealth01On 31 January, Secretary of State of the Economy Francine Closener officially inaugurated the first extension of the 'House of Biohealth', a hosting structure for undertakings both new and already in existence in the field of biotechnologies, ICTs and eco-technologies that is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of the Economy, the ZARE, and a number of private investors.

In her address, Francine Closener stressed that "The interdisciplinary nature of biotechnologies, ICTs and clean technologies, together with the presence of undertakings in these three sectors on a single site, allow the creation of substantial synergies and will generate new opportunities, particularly at the interface of biomedical research and big data. Another feature of the 'House of Biohealth' is the mix of public-funded research and commercial activities, and the mix of start-ups and established undertakings."

Fully equipped laboratories

The 'House of Biohealth' is being constructed in three phases; eventually it will be able to host up to 600 researchers, offering them a total of more than 15,000 square metres of laboratory and office space.

Almost three years after the arrival of its first residents, the 'House of Biohealth' has now doubled its capacity with this first extension (phase 2), thereby offering a total of 6,000 square metres of laboratory space and 4,000 square metres of office space. Work will start on a second extension (phase 3) according to the sector's actual requirements.

The 'House of BioHealth' now offers infrastructure hire on a hourly basis, in response to the needs of young innovative undertakings. In the coming months a further 600 square metres of fully equipped laboratories will be added, enabling start-ups to significantly reduce their installation costs.

(Source: Press release by the Ministry of the Economy)

  • Updated 07-02-2018