European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – 60 projects already labelled

Initiatives in Luxembourg have been divided into three themes, all with a strong future-oriented focus.

01-patrimoinculturelSince the European Year of Cultural Heritage officially got under way in Luxembourg on 29 September 2017, no fewer than 60 projects from 20 project leaders and co-producers have received official accreditation. The programme is already shaping up nicely in January 2018 – and it is set to develop further over the coming weeks and months. It focuses on all types of heritage – tangible, intangible and digital – and initiatives range from traditional events such as conferences and guided tours to cutting-edge applications for tablets and smartphones. There is a special emphasis on the younger generation; as well as mobile apps, a number of workshops and debates are also being held in secondary schools.

Cultural heritage divided into three themes

In addition to the 60 existing projects, further proposals for the "European Year of Cultural Heritage" label can be submitted throughout the year. New proposals should come under one of the following three categories:

  1. Cultural heritage and education/raising awareness
The aim of this first theme is to show young people the importance of cultural heritage and the values it represents, as well as introducing them to heritage-related professions.
  1. Cultural heritage and sustainable development
Developing sustainable tourism and highlighting its economic benefits should go hand in hand with the protection of cultural heritage.
  1. Cultural heritage and technology

New technologies such as augmented and virtual reality offer the possibility of reaching out to a vast audience, especially young people, and raising their awareness of issues related to cultural heritage.


The Luxembourg team coordinating the country's efforts for the European Year of Cultural Heritage have focused their communications tools on digital methods (social media and a website), with the slogan and hashtag #HeritageForFuture. On the home page of the website (which redirects to the site, readers can find out more about all the labelled projects and forthcoming events.

A participatory approach

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the success of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Institutions and non-institutional players, associations and citizens are all welcome to submit their own proposals. The submission process is very straightforward – anyone interested can simply fill in a form on the website.

(Source: Press release from the Ministry of Culture)

  • Updated 07-05-2018