An exemplary healthcare system according to HCP

In the new Euro Health Consumer Index report published by Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP), the Grand Duchy stands out among the 35 European countries polled.

01-eurohealthLuxembourg has one of the most effective healthcare systems in Europe, sharing fourth place with Norway, behind the Netherlands (1st), Switzerland (2nd) and Denmark (3rd). With 850 points out of 1,000, the Grand Duchy loses one point compared to last year, but gains two places in the overall ranking. 

Quick treatment, but patients who are not always well informed

Overall, the Luxembourg healthcare system works very well. Rapid access to care increased by 13 points compared to last year, with a total of 213 points (compared to 200 points for the 'number one', the Netherlands). Although the waiting time to get an appointment with a family doctor or for major treatment is quite short, patients were not as happy with the time spent in the waiting room, as they still found it too long.

Information for patients must also be improved. Digital access to personal records (e-accessible patient records) is underused. 
Luxembourg also seems to be a bit behind in terms of access to and the marketing of new medicines on the market. This behaviour seems to be about being cautious more than anything else.

The Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), more than just another index

The EHCI has become a standard for the monitoring of modern healthcare since this index was initiated in 2005. The index is compiled from a set of public statistics, results from surveys of patients and independent studies carried out by Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd, a private company based in Sweden, which evaluates the performance of healthcare systems in Europe and Canada in order to empower patients and consumers.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd)

  • Updated 07-05-2018