2017 - a hotter-than-average year

January, April and September were the coldest months in 2017.

10-météo2017 was relatively sunny, and quite warm. And seven months of the year were warmer than the corresponding months during the reference period from 1981 to 2010. This is what the meteorological department of the Administration of Technical Agricultural Services (administration des services techniques de l'agriculture - ASTA) reports in its meteorological analysis of 2017.

To reach this result, the ASTA assessed the meteorological data from its 30 observation stations scattered throughout the Grand Duchy. Four stations - one in Asselborn, one in Clemency, and two alongside the Moselle, at Remich and Grevenmacher - were compared with the reference period.

The annual average for 2017 was higher than during the reference period, with a maximum difference of 0.7°C in Clemency and a minimum of 0.4°C in Asselborn. Although on the one hand the months of February, March, May, June, October, November and December were warmer at all four stations in 2017 compared with the reference period, the months of January, April and September were colder.

Half dry, half rainy

Total precipitation in 2017 was close to the average for the reference period at the stations in Clemency, Grevenmacher and Remich. It was only at the station in Asselborn that the figure was lower - about 20% less over the full year.

The second part of the year was marked by greater precipitation at the stations in Clemency, Grevenmacher and Remich (except in October). The most significant monthly difference was recorded in July in Clemency, with more than double the amount of precipitation (138 mm) than average precipitation during the reference period (62 mm). The month of April was the driest of the year at all four stations.

(Article written by the editorial team of the luxembourg.lu portal / Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture, and Consumer Protection)

  • Updated 15-01-2018