"Luxmobil" survey: The car remains dominant

13-noesocialAccording to the results of the “Luxmobil” mobility survey, the use of the car still prevails. According to this study, which gives a general overview of all aspects of mobility in the Grand Duchy, the initial analysis shows that for commuting, the private car is the first means of transport during peak hours, followed by public transport.


Even for business travel, evenly distributed over working hours, it appears that the car is the main method of transport. However, private car journeys for leisure made outside of rush hour hold a larger share than soft mobility (walking and cycling).


Changing mentalities 

School transport accounts for a considerable share of total mobility. However, the share of students transported by car during rush hour (particularly in the morning) is very high (39% compared with 38% by public transport and 21% on foot). For François Bausch, Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, it is about putting this change into question. "The transport rate of pupils by private car, amounting to 39% of school transport, is a real problem for morning traffic. This should be remedied at once by a change in mentality, increasing the amount of public transport, creating cycle and pedestrian lanes, and by a possible shift of school hours so that they do not fall into peak traffic times", said the minister.  

The survey was conducted between February and May 2017 with 40,000 households in the Grand Duchy and 45,000 borders, with the aim of obtaining a representative image of mobility in the Grand Duchy. This study is based on real data, response rates ranging from 26% to 30%.



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  • Updated 22-12-2017