Grand Duchy adopts plan to combat pesticides

Individuals and professionals called on to join the effort

Plan d'action national contre les produits phytopharmaceutiquesThe Grand Duchy has set up a National Action Plan (Plan d’action national, PAN) for reducing the use of phyto-pharmaceutical products with a view to achieving use that is more compatible with sustainable development. The Plan includes provision for a considerable reduction (50%) in the quantity of pesticides used by 2030, to be achieved by implementing 25 measures.

Aim: substantial reduction in the use of pesticides

This is in fact the second version of the PAN, following a public consultation in 2016, involving all the stakeholders, in order to reach a solution for the use of pesticides in the Grand Duchy. The Plan is set out in terms of aims and deadlines; it provides for:

  • a 50% reduction in the use of phyto-pharmaceutical products by 2030;
  • a 30% reduction in the use of 'big movers' (the most dangerous and/or the most widely-used phyto-pharmaceutical products) by 2025;
  • the introduction of indicators for monitoring the quantities of phyto-pharmaceutical products available on the market and their use, both by professionals and by private individuals;
  • the development and implementation of strategies for phasing out certain active substances (e.g. glyphosate) in order to guide the sectors concerned by the process.

Apart from these general aims, the PAN contains a section devoted to the 25 measures to be introduced in order to achieve these objectives. The indicators for monitoring the quantity of pesticides present on the market and their use should also make it possible to monitor the PAN's impact on users' behaviour.

Professionals and private individuals are involved

The PAN is aimed at professionals as well as at private individuals: while professionals will have the benefit of accompaniment and training in avoiding using pesticides, such as glyphosate, the result for individuals will be that the products will no longer be readily available on sale in stores – henceforth, they will only be made available against a special authorisation.

Implementation of the Plan, which will take a number of years, will go along with awareness campaigns in order to achieve a voluntary reduction in the use of pesticides.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: press release from the Ministry of Agriculture)

  • Updated 27-12-2017