A new era for public transport in Luxembourg

The country's road and rail networks underwent a major transformation on 10 December – an overhaul dubbed "Good Morning Mobilitéit". As well as changes to CFL timetables, two new stations, the funicular railway and the long-awaited tram were officially opened.

12-cflA tram every 6 minutes

The tram, affectionately known as "Siggi", offers a major new alternative to transport options on the Kirchberg plateau in Luxembourg City. It links the Red Bridge to Luxexpo, with eight stations near the main points of interest in Kirchberg, including the Philharmonie concert hall and Mudam, the European Parliament, "D'Coque" National Sports and Culture Centre, the University of Luxembourg and the future National Library.

Two new stations to ease traffic flow

To help alleviate the many capacity issues and bottlenecks on the national rail network, especially in Luxembourg City, Bettembourg and Pétange-Rodange, two new rail hubs have been introduced. The Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Howald stations enable passengers from the north and south of the country to travel to Kirchberg and onward to the Ban de Gasperich without having to change trains at Luxembourg station

A free funicular railway links Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg station to the Kirchberg plateau in just one minute. It can transport up to 7,000 passengers an hour and is accessible for people with reduced mobility and for bicycles. New train and bus lines

The changes affect bus and train times across Luxembourg – so make sure you check whether there have been any alterations to your routes and connections. New through lines have been created, some lines have been linked up and others extended. The regional RGTR bus network has also been boosted, with the introduction of the new 207 bus between Dudelange and Kirchberg and the 26 bus linking Howald and the Ban de Gasperich. Some trains, such as those on the Virton-Rodange line, have been replaced by a bus service.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: Mobilité

  • Updated 19-12-2017