Winners of Steichen Award announced

Esther Hovers and Daniel Wagener have won this prestigious prize in the world of photography

Edward Steichen Award 2017Dutch photographer Esther Hovers and Luxembourgish artist Daniel Wagener are the winners of the 2017 Edward Steichen Award. This biennial Award is named after the Luxembourgish photographer; it supports emerging European artists active in the field of contemporary art. The winners will be able to travel to New York under the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP). The Award forms a bridge between the Grand Duchy, birthplace of the photographer Edward Steichen, and the United States, where he achieved fame.

Photography in the limelight

Dutch photographer Esther Hovers won the Award's jury over with her photographs on the theme of control and power, winning the 'Edward Steichen Luxembourg' Award. Her photographs capture the public space and the architecture that surrounds us. Her work decodes the position of the individual in the face of a pre-determined system in which roles are prescribed. Esther Hovers will be spending six months in New York under the ISCP programme, and will be a guest at its activities.

The Luxembourgish graphic artist, photographer, printer and decorator Daniel Wagener is proud to have won the 'Edward Steichen Luxembourg Resident in NYC' Award, which has rewarded a talented young Luxembourger since 2011. The Award includes a four-month stay under the ISCP programme. Daniel Wagener teaches photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels; he was selected for his photographic books. His photographs capture the ignored and unplanned public spaces that are formed almost by accident in the urban area.

A biennial initiative

The 'Edward Steichen Luxembourg' Award - intended as an intercultural, artistic and educational bridge between the Grand Duchy and New York - has been awarded every two years since 2005. The award was set up in 2004 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Edward Steichen's birth in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It pays homage to the life and work of the American photographer who was born in Bivange in 1879. As well as honouring his artistic achievements and work as a curator, it also underlines his commitment to defending the arts and new talent.

True to the innovative spirit of the man who constantly encouraged emerging artists throughout his career, the Edward Steichen Award is open to all contemporary plastic arts disciplines..

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  • Updated 07-12-2017