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ICT development index in 2017: Luxembourg comes 9th in the world ranking

The Grand Duchy occupies the top 10 in the world ranking with six other European countries.

17-ticThe International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a specialised United Nations institution which has just published the 9th edition of the annual report'Measuring the Information Society'. The report analyses simultaneous advances in the areas of the Internet, metadata analysis, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in 176 countries. The result: When it comes to developing information and communication technologies (ICT), Luxembourg comes 9th worldwide. This very positive result rewards the efforts made for many years now by politicians, investors and developers in order to make Luxembourg the world nerve centre for ITC-related activities as well as a centre of excellence for cyber security and data protection. 

In comparison, Germany is 12th, France is 15th, and Belgium comes in 25th place.

Measuring the development of ICT

The most recent data on the development of ICT reveal a constant growth of connectivity and the use of ICT worldwide. The number of mobile broadband subscriptions now corresponds to over 50% of the world population, which makes it possible to improve Internet access and online services.

A reliable report

The annual report 'Measuring the Information Society' is generally viewed as the most reliable and impartial collection of data and analyses on the development of ICT worldwide. Governments, international organisations, development banks and private sector investors around the world refer to it extensively.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: press release from the ITU)

  • Updated 22-11-2017