Book lovers will meet at 'Walfer Bicherdeeg'

The 23rd 'Walfer Bicherdeeg' book fair organised each year by the municipality of Walferdange will be held from 18 to 19 November at the Centre culturel Prince Henri.

15-bicherdeegThis is one of the biggest cultural events in the Grand Duchy. Each year the 'Walfer Bicherdeeg' (Walferdange Book Days) attract book fans – who come from the four corners of Luxembourg and the Greater Region – for a good overview of what's new in literature in the region. The theme chosen for this edition is creativity as a driver of innovation, or as 'the most individual way to share one's personality with the rest of the world' according to the organisers.

12,000 visitors expected

Close to 12,000 visitors each day will pound a path to the 'Walfer Bicherdeeg' to spend a weekend meeting authors, editors, translators, graphic designers and other players in the field of publishing, and of course to buy new and second-hand books. The presence of publishing houses from Luxembourg and abroad as well as famous authors and writers, the rich programme of events, the second-hand book and antiques market, the colourful 'Books for Kids', and without forgetting the many stands of cultural institutions and public benefit organisations make it a complete event for all tastes and all ages.

La Grande Dictée RTL (RTL Big Dictation)

One of the highlights of these 'Bicherdeeg' is without a doubt 'La Grande Dictée RTL' on Sunday 19 November, under the big top. This dictation event is a return to the classroom for many, and is divided into three sections. The first exercise will be a dictation in Luxembourgish at 10.15, followed by German at 11.00 and French at 11.30. All participants will receive a book, and those who make the least mistakes will win one of the prizes, which together have an overall value of €1,000. Interested parties can sign up via e-mail at

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal) 

  • Updated 17-11-2017