Citizenship now available in English

The English version of the 'citizens' portal was added on 7 November. is the result of work carried out jointly by the Ministry of the Civil Service and Administrative Reform and the Ministry of the Economy; with the support of the Government as a whole, they have made the portal the preferred contact point for all interactions between the general public, businesses and administrations. The portal offers – now in three languages: French, German and English - reliable information on all the administrative questions foreigners may have about the Grand Duchy and the conditions they need to meet to be able to live, work or set up a business in the country.

There is no doubt that the new English version provides considerable added value, since the Grand Duchy is home to people of more than 170 nationalities; foreigners account for nearly 48% of the total population (47.7% at 1 January 2017).

Providing information for people and businesses

The business portal has been available in English since 2011. To standardise all the information available on the portal, more than 800,000 words have been translated over the past six months. gives precise descriptions of about 1,500 administrative procedures; it has become increasingly successful since its launch in November 2008. It receives more than 470,000 hits each month, and more than 1.2 million pages are consulted.

Simplifying procedures

This new version, presented by Minister for the Civil Service and Administrative Reform Dan Kersch and carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, is totally in keeping with the 'Einfach Lëtzebuerg' programme, which aims to support the development of a top-quality public service providing continually improving responses to the expectations of users, be they private individuals or businesses.

(Article produced by the editorial team of the portal / Source: Ministry of the Civil Service and Administrative Reform)

  • Updated 10-11-2017