François Bausch wants to consult the public on future improvements to land use planning

The Luxembourg Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure will launch an invitation to citizens on 8 January to meet together to reflect on specific measures to achieve a better balance in the country's land use planning.

27-pdatEncouraging direct citizen involvement in the review process

On 8 January 2018, a public consultation will be launched as part of the review process for Luxembourg's Land Use Planning Programme. Four "regional labs" will be held across the country, involving a total of nearly 200 participants. Each group, guided by three experts and five regional ambassadors, will discuss five themes (core functions, resilience, quality of life, social and territorial cohesion, and resources) with the aim of rethinking Luxembourg's approach to land use.

Permanent traffic congestion

It has been noted that the municipalities with the lowest populations in Luxembourg – the peri-urban areas in the southern region and around Luxembourg City – have strong job creation but poor accessibility and facilities and low functional diversity. Half of all jobs are based in the urban area around Luxembourg City, despite the fact that the population of this area represents only a quarter of the entire population of the country. And since these municipalities are poorly served by public transport, the workforce – often cross-border workers – has to travel to work by car, leading to busy or congested motorways. "It is vital for us to reconsider the spatial distribution of working and living areas and to increase urban density," explains the Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, François Bausch.

Restoring balance

The Land Use Planning Programme consists of all the legislative and regulatory texts on the country's regional planning, for which the minister François Bausch has recently outlined the latest developments. The work to overhaul the programme, which began in January 2016, continued in November with a debate attended by citizens and politicians entitled "Wéi e qualitative Wuesstem fir eist Land? – Landesplanung fir eng nohalteg Zukunft" ("Qualitative growth for our country. Land use planning for a sustainable future"). The regional workshops, due to be launched on 8 January, will run from February to July 2018.

(Source: Press release from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure)

  • Updated 30-10-2017