The Mullerthal Regional Tourist Office celebrates its 10th anniversary

The regional centre covers 15 municipalities in the cantons of Echternach, Mersch, Diekirch and Grevenmacher.

27-mullerthalThe Regional Tourist Office (ORT) for the Mullerthal region has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the leaders of the "ORT Mullerthal" and its members gathered at the pavilion in Echternach park to celebrate this key milestone in the region's tourist history.

The spot was well chosen to host the 10th anniversary celebrations, since the ORT's headquarters are based in the abbey town. Luxembourg has five regional tourist offices, with the ORT Mullerthal the first to be set up on 24 October 2007 in Echternach. The ORT, officially the "Regional Tourist Office Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland", was the brainchild of ten municipalities in the region and various representatives of national tourism associations. Its mission was clear from the outset: to promote Luxembourg's "Little Switzerland" and develop the region as an attractive tourist destination.

Over time, the number of members has grown: five other municipalities and 11 tourist boards have joined the ORT in recent years. They have all come together around the ORT to work towards the same aim: the development and promotion of the region's natural, cultural and historical heritage. 

Creating synergy between nature and tourism

Their efforts seem to be bearing fruit – the initiative has given rise to a huge number of projects and tangible results. One particular achievement was securing official "nature park" status for the Mullerthal. For as well as its many châteaux, the region boasts weird and wonderful rock formations, waterfalls, forests and plateaus – the remarkable natural environment has become a key asset in promoting responsible ecotourism.

And the "Mullerthal Trail", introduced just one year after the ORT was set up, is experiencing unprecedented levels of success with cyclists, hikers and nature lovers. The 112km trail takes in all the region's natural beauty spots – as well as a number of other sights, including the Rococo pavilion in Echternach, where the 10th anniversary celebrations for the ORT were held.  

At this symbolic venue, the President of the Regional Tourist Office, Marc Diederich, surrounded by fellow supporters of the initiative, reviewed the ORT's history. Looking ahead to the future, he announced that the ORT will soon be moving to brand new offices, creating an enticing new gateway to the region.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal)

  • Updated 31-10-2017