Cyber security

Luxembourg is finding ways to ward off cyber attacks

The Cybersecurity Competence Center helps companies to anticipate and recognise the risks

The Cybersecurity Competence Center, known as C3, is located at the heart of the city centre. It helps and advises professionals in cyber security matters, even going as far as simulating cyber attacks in real time. This is just as well, because according to the Secretary of State for the Economy Francine Closener, the expansion of Luxembourg's economy will inevitably require a reinforcement of cyber security within companies.

Hacking and cyber attacks are on the rise as technology 17-c3evolves and the everyday use of computers is becoming common. A particularly nasty threat to any company is crypto-ransomware, malicious software that encrypts all the data on a computer, or even an entire network, against a ransom.

The Cybersecurity Competence Center - C3 is mainly aimed at big companies and SMEs that are concerned about protecting themselves against malicious digital intrusions. The centre offers 'à la carte' training courses to cater to their expectations and areas of activity.

No more Powerpoint presentations, it's time for full immersion!

Rather than inviting companies to a Powerpoint presentation on the threats and pitfalls to avoid, C3 is focusing on active participation and immersion. Armed with their electronic work tool (laptop, smart phone, etc.), visitors enter a dark room known as Room #42, to take part in a very realistic simulation. In the next room, connected to the first via a two-way mirror, a group of experts made up of computer scientists and technicians send out cyber attacks in real time. On the other side, players have between one and three hours to work out how to eliminate or, if the company does not yet have an IT team, at least contain the attack. After the exercise, the experts draft a report listing the different threats as well as the means of protection and reflexes required, bearing in mind that absolute security does not exist.

A benchmark at European level

C3 oversees the three pillars of digital security,, and, and employs around twenty people. As well as a simulation room, it is equipped with a threat observatory and a laboratory that allows start-ups to test their digital solutions. 

Cybersecurity is crucial for economic development

The Secretary of State of the Economy Francine Closener applauded the initiative, stressing the fact that cyber security is a crucial element in the development of FinTech and of Luxembourg's economic policy in general. She hopes that C3 will become 'a national and international benchmark on the subject'. Pascal Steichen, president of the platform shares this opinion. 

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal) 

  • Updated 20-10-2017