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Vianden's well-known walnut market will be taking place this weekend

The market (Veiner Nëssmoort) will take you to the castle and village of Vianden in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

Veiner NëssmoortThis Sunday, 15 October 2017, Vianden is the place to be, for its Nëssmoort (walnut market). The 'Veiner Nëssmoort' (Vianden walnut market) has been a key autumn event in the Grand Duchy since 1934; every year, it attracts thousands of tourists and locals for a stroll through the medieval streets of the Ardennes town. As well as just plain walnuts, walnut bread and above all the famous 'Veiner Nossdröpp'(walnut liqueur) will also be available to buy - and to sample - at the market.

From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., stalls in the centre of Vianden will be offering not only walnut-based produce but also handcrafted items and artwork.

It's a perfect opportunity to take off and find out more about the Luxembourg Ardennes. Vianden is a small town that has retained its medieval appearance; nestled between two hills, it is at the centre of a network of walks and hikes in the surrounding valleys and hills. Looking down on the town is a fabulously majestic castle - one of the most beautiful in the country - which is open to visitors.

It's best to go by bus!

For anyone thinking of going to the market, it's better to use public transport than to go by car. Apart from the special P+Rs set up around Vianden for the event, with free shuttle buses, there is another shuttle bus to and from Ettelbruck, which is easy to reach by train from the southern part of the Grand Duchy.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)


  • Updated 13-10-2017