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Innovation Hub Diddeleng will be launched in January 2018

The incubator for ecotechnologies complements the range of incubators on offer in Luxembourg

Innovation Hub DiddelengCalling all start-ups! The City of Dudelange, Luxinnovation and Technoport are about to launch an incubator for ecotechnology companies. The incubator has been christened 'Innovation Hub Diddeleng', and will be ready to host its first start-ups in January 2018.

Ecotechnologies singled out

Last July, the municipal council of the Town of Dudelange approved the agreement signed with the Ministry of the Economy, Technoport S.A. and Luxinnovation on the launch of the 'Innovation Hub Diddeleng' project, an innovation centre that will host young companies. The chosen field of these start-ups will be ecotechnology, in order to get closer to the identity of Neischmelz, the future eco-district.

The building chosen to host the incubator formerly housed ArcelorMittal's administrative headquarters. The building is over 500 m² and will be entirely renovated and equipped for the benefit of start-ups.

Supporting the move towards independence

Young companies will be able to keep their headquarters here for up to five years, at a modest price. For some, it will serve as their base camp and springboard before launching; for others already established on the conventional market, this 'Innovation Hub' will serve as their 'stopover' before being completely autonomous.

The incubator will thus distinguish between two types of companies:

  1. Very young start-ups (less than 2 years) which will be able to rent space at a rate of €15/m2;
  2. Start-ups over 2 years old, which must pay a rent of €20/m2.

The incubator's focus on ecotechnologies was not chosen by chance. The incubator will be an integral part of a neighbourhood dedicated to ecotechnologies which will be CO2 neutral, known as Neischmelz (which translates as new foundry) and which will thus provide a perfect setting for innovative companies from Luxembourg and the Greater Region in the fields of CleanTech and Ecoinnovation.

An addition to the incubators landscape in Luxembourg

The initiative is also part of a series of incubators founded over the last few years in order to promote the creation of businesses. Here are just a few of them:

  • Technoport S.A., which includes industrial halls, workshops and fully equipped offices;
  • 1535° Creative Hub Differdange, which offers work spaces to individuals and companies working in the creative industries;
  • Lux Future Lab, an incubator specialising in finance technologies (FinTech);
  • House of Biohealth, a specialist incubator for biotechnology, ITC and clean technology companies;
  • Neobuild, a platform and incubator for companies in the field of construction and ecotechnologies;
  • Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT), a development platform for FinTech companies;
  • Nyuko, an incubator focusing on economic diversification;
  • 6zero1, an incubator for companies with a social and societal focus.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal)

  • Updated 05-10-2017