Film Fund Luxembourg presents its annual report for 2016

In 2016, 62 film projects benefited from a selective financial aid which, in total, added up to 36,118,994 euros.

02-filmfundThe national fund in support of audiovisual production, better known as the 'Film Fund', has revealed its key figures and its activities for 2016. 102 projects applied for financial support during 2016, of which about 60% in the end received selective financial aid which, in total, added up to 36,118,994 euros.

Support for production, scriptwriting and promotion in the audiovisual sector

32 of the 62 projects financed received aid for scriptwriting or development, amounting to a total of 1,340,400 euros. The remaining 30 projects, including one transmedia project and one virtual reality project, received aid for production totalling 34,778,594 euros. To promote works produced in the Grand Duchy, the Film Fund also provided aid for promotion amounting to 152,361 euros; two of the films to benefit from this were Eldorado and Foreign Affairs. To this was added various grants for a total of 138,2244 euros and five subsidies to authors amounting to 47,500 euros.

Promotion missions and the international festivals

As part of its mission to promote the Grand Duchy's audiovisual sector, the Film Fund took part in several markets and festivals in the Grand Duchy, including the Luxembourg City Film Festival, CinEast, the British and Irish Film Season, and the Student Fair.

And the Fund didn't miss the opportunity to be present at a number of international forums: the Berlinale, the film market in Cannes, the documentaries market Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, and the North American market in Toronto. In the fields of animation and transmedia, the Film Fund was keen to mark its presence at the international market for animated films in Annecy, at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, and at Cartoon Movie in Lyon.

To provide even more support for the promotion and distribution of the Grand Duchy's films in other countries, the Luxembourg embassies - in cooperation with the Film Fund - organised a good number of showings of films "made in Luxembourg". - the Grand Duchy's own video on demand platform

In 2016, the independent VOD platform was launched in the Grand Duchy. This new platform offers audiences a diversified service through which to discover an eclectic catalogue of films and talents, focusing especially on Luxembourgish and European cinema. The aim of is to provide the public with a different take on the cinema.

Films are currently available in SD or HD, to either buy or rent for a 48-hour period. There are also plans to start offering a subscription similar to the Netflix offer in the coming months.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal / Source: Press release from Film Fund Luxembourg)

  • Updated 06-10-2017