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The 'Fiederwäissen' is finally available!

Around ten days after the start of the grape harvest, the 'Fiederwäissen' offers a first taste of the new vintage.

26-fiederwaissenFrom 22 September, the new Fiederwäissen (unfermented wine) will be available in the shops. The first bottles of this traditional speciality are generally sold around ten days after the start of the grape harvest in the vineyards of the Moselle. This typical Luxembourg delicacy is a fruity and slightly acidic wine which, thanks to its short fermentation period, has a unique flavour that offers afirst taste of the next vintage

A refreshing delicacy to drink quickly

Fiederwäissen is a very refreshing wine which has not yet matured. It's only available for about two weeks, and is produced using Rivaner and Auxerrois grape varieties. In contrast with other young wines, Fiederwäissen is not filtered and the yeast transforms the sugar into alcohol, giving the wine its colour and milky look which is typical and completely natural.

Because the yeast continues its work in the bottle, we recommend drinking it quickly! As soon as it starts to turn clearer and the yeast is deposited at the bottom of the bottle, Fiederwäissen loses its typical taste and we must patiently wait for next year's edition.

Note that, even though it's a white wine, it shouldn't be stored in the fridge, as it loses all of its flavour that way. It should be enjoyed at an ambient temperature of around 14-16°C. Fiederwäissen goes well with many different dishes, but it is often accompanied by walnuts or Flammkuchen.

An early but promising vintage

The harvest began in Luxembourg on 11 September, an exceptionally early date, due to the high temperatures in the month of June. The colder period in August created the ideal conditions to develop the aromas in the grapesand the Institut vini-viticole (Luxembourg's Wine-growing Institute) is confident that the quality of the 2017 vintage will be among the best.

(Article written by the editorial team of the luxembourg.lu portal)

  • Updated 29-09-2017