2017 Heritage Days

'Haiser a Leit' - discover some of the Grand Duchy's architectural gems, and the stories behind them

Journées du patrimoine 2017Take a look behind the scenes of the built heritage

Heritage Days open up a number of heritage gems that are often not open to the general public, from 22 September to 8 October 2017. This year's edition, focusing on houses and people ('Haiser a Leit') not only tells the stories of the Grand Duchy's built heritage. It is more about the people that built them, shaping them and steeping them in their stories - and even their legends.

Heritage Days are known for allowing people to visit places that are not normally open to the public. So they provide a great opportunity for visiting some of the emblematic places of the Grand Duchy's built heritage and hearing the stories behind them.

For the 2017 edition, however, the National Sites and Monuments Service (Service des sites et monuments nationaux) has decided to let the people connected with these buildings speak for themselves. Relations between human determination and constructed substance, between characters and stones, between personal destinies and the destiny of the buildings: it is these links that the 2017 Heritage Days aim to bring out, offering themed guided tours and conferences to help the public (re-)discover a number of sites.

Places that are normally inaccessible, with stories that are little-known

So the programme includes not only buildings to be discovered, but also a number of destinies and stories. For example, how can you tell the story of the fortifications of the City of Luxembourg without mentioning Count Wenceslas or the French engineer Vauban? Or the story of Beaufort castle without referring to its first owner, Baron Jean of Beck, or its last, Anne-Marie Linckels?

The programme includes exhibitions, conferences, workshops and guided tours (registration required). For information on dates and times, download the full programme.

Here are some of the highlights of this year's Heritage Days:

  • the United States' embassy in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg;
  • guided tour of the City of Luxembourg entitled 'Buildings - the reflection of their owners', for you to discover the decision-makers who built the city after the fortress was dismantled in 1867;
  • Rosport castle and the Tudor family, who made such an important contribution to the industrialisation of the Grand Duchy;
  • the Linster-Weydert farm in Hellange, where people trying to escape conscription in the occupying force's army were hidden during the Second World War;
  • Sanem castle, residence of Minister of State Marie-Victor de Tornaco (1860-1867);
  • the National Audiovisual Centre (Centre national de l'audiovisuel, CNA) and its archives;
  • the site of the former Mansfeld palace in Luxembourg-Clausen;

and much more.

The Grand Duchy's Heritage Days are part of the European Heritage Days. They are the starting point for 2018 - European cultural heritage year, with a kick-off event at Neimënster.

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  • Updated 22-09-2017