2018-2023: €120 million invested in sport

A €120 million budget has been earmarked for 33 projects under the 11th five-year sports facilities programme

15-sportsA total of 33 new projects are planned under the 11th five-year sports facilities programme, which has been allocated a total budget of €120 million – 20% more than the previous five-year programme.

While the investments made under the last ten plans have clearly had a real impact, the substantial €20 million increase for this latest plan is justified by the growing population, the increased need for sports facilities in schools, a lack of facilities for young children and the development of national centres for sports that do not yet have suitable infrastructures.

€2 billion for sports facilities

From the first five-year programme in 1968 to the end of the latest period in 2022, the government will have invested some €600 million in sports facilities across the country. Together with the funds invested by local councils in subsidised projects, over the entire period a total of nearly €2 billion has been allocated to projects to boost the country's sports infrastructures.

The current programme covers 33 specific projects, including three sports centres, six sports halls, a tennis hall, a temporary gymnasium, nine multi-sports halls, two swimming pools, an athletics stadium, three football grounds, a sports hall with swimming pool, and three changing facilities.

Two new indoor swimming pools are planned for the east of the country, in Remich and Born. The plan also includes the second instalment of funds for the new national football and rugby stadium and an extension to Differdange sports centre to house the future Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports.

Movement areas

For the first time, specific "movement areas" at childcare and education facilities are included in the five-year plan. Alongside more formal sports facilities, these movement areas are designed to encourage young children to play freely for their own enjoyment, without specific instruction. The idea is to enable children to develop motor skills and learn the basic principles of movement from a very early age.

€6.75 million has been earmarked for these projects under the five-year plan.

 (Article written by the editorial team of the portal)

  • Updated 19-09-2017