New measures presented to promote photovoltaic energy

Renewable energy produced in Luxembourg covers over half of households' electricity consumption for the first time.

PhotovoltaïquePhotovoltaic: a sector to develop

On 13 September 2017, a new campaign to promote photovoltaic energy was presented. The campaign aims to raise awareness among households and companies about the importance of photovoltaic energy in Luxembourg, by encouraging them to opt for photovoltaic as a renewable energy source.

It highlights the contribution of citizens and entrepreneurs to the energy transition as well as the financial profitability of the investment. The potential for photovoltaic installations in Luxembourg is considerable, and given the fall in price of the installations, the profitability of photovoltaic energy has greatly increased over the past 10 years.

Promotion measures

Two new measures are thus added to the aid and subsidies already in place:

  • the extension of eligibility for investment aid to all energy producers with the exception of the State;
  • a feed-in tariff for installations under 30 kW. 

Myenergy, the national organisation for the promotion of the transition to sustainable energy, is the first point of contact providing guidance and advice to households and companies in their initiatives and projectsin the field of renewable energy and more specifically photovoltaic installations.

Renewable energy sources are on the rise

Currently only 7% of total electricity consumption in Luxembourg is covered by renewable energy, a percentage that must increase to 11% by 2020. The national action plan for renewable energy provides for 4% of this total to be produced in Luxembourg and 5% should come from the transport sector. Finally, the remaining 2% should be generated in other EU countries through cooperation mechanisms.

Wind power, photovoltaic power and biogas power stations are the main contributors in order to reach the national objective. Produced by 6,500 installations, photovoltaic energy contributes around 22% of electricity production from renewable energy sources in Luxembourg.

Between 2014 and 2017, 1,713 photovoltaic installations were installed with a total capacity of around 25,000 kW, which corresponds to the annual consumption of 25,000 people. During this period, the Luxembourg State paid out around €10 million in subsidies.

In 2017, renewable energy produced in Luxembourg covered over half of all households' electricity consumption for the first time.

(Source: Press release from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure/Department of the Environment)
  • Updated 19-09-2017