The Luxembourg Space Tech Angels facilitate investment in space technologies

The Space Tech Angels support the Grand Duchy's Space Resources initiative

Luxembourg Space Tech AngelsAngels for space technology

With the arrival of the Luxembourg Space Tech Angels, the Luxembourg Business Angels Network (LBAN) now has a specialist group for creating links among investors and entrepreneurs in the field of SpaceTech. For LBAN, the purpose of this is clear: to support the Government's Space Resources initiative, which seeks to create a real space industry in the Grand Duchy.

The Grand Duchy's announcement in 2015 that it wanted to set up a legal framework for the exploitation of space resources created quite a global buzz. Not only because the Grand Duchy was the second country worldwide and the first in Europe to intend to set up such a framework, but also because the Grand Duchy was actually inviting businesses to consider mining resources on asteroids - the Near Earth Object (NEO).

The creation of the Luxembourg Space Tech Angels is another step towards the creation of an environment conducive to research and development with regard to technologies that will enable mankind to venture into space. The purpose of launching the Space Tech Angels is to support the Luxembourg Government's Space Resources initiative and the development of a viable space industry in the Grand Duchy.

Better framework for investors

To achieve this, the task of the Space Tech Angels is to bring together individual investors and entrepreneurs in the field of space technologies.

The Space Tech Angels will be holding their first meeting this month. Interested? If you are an investor or a business in the field of SpaceTech and would like to take part, you can e-mail the organisers directly at

The Luxembourg Business Angel Network, which organises the Space Tech Angels, is a not-for-profit association with about sixty members. Its aim is to provide investors with the tools they need in order to encourage them and provide a framework for their investments. LBAN is a member of the European Business Angel Network.

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  • Updated 19-09-2017