The Casemates are still popular

The number of visitors to the tourist information office on Place Guillaume II has dropped slightly.

12-casematesGuided tours of the Grand Ducal Palace have attracted 10,617 people this summer between July and September. While this figure remains stable compared to 2016, the casemates, underground galleries dating back to the fortress, continue to appeal to visitors.

It's time to take stock

The tourist season is drawing to a close and Luxembourg City Tourist Office is making an initial assessment of the period from January to August 2017. The trend is quite positive with better results than 2016. This is particularly true for the Bock Casemates, whose visitor numbers, which have been constantly rising since 2013, increased by 5.17%compared to the previous year. Part of this increase can be explained by the fact that the galleries were opened earlier in the season.

This extremely popular site consists of underground galleries cut into the Bock cliff, and bears witness to the fortress city's past. The casemates are part of the old neighbourhoods and fortifications listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are the capital's leading tourist attraction.

This extraordinary 23 km underground network could house thousands of soldiers, their equipment and their horses. The galleries are spread over several floors, and were dug up to 40 metres deep. The Bock Casemates, which used to house about fifty cannons, were dug by the Austrians in 1745/46. Today, the Bock Cliff Casemates and the Pétrusse Valley Casemates are popular tourist attractions.

Tourist information: Visitors prefer digital channels

While the casemates are still a great success, the tourist information office on Place Guillaume II is seeing a slight drop in the number of visitors (-2.94%) compared to 2016. In high season, the LCTO information office has 1,016 contacts per day.

'Tourist information' - the information from the tourist information office and the mobile 'Luxembourg Jackets' teams - dropped this year by 14.35% compared to the same period last year. However, visitors increasingly used digital services in order to obtain tourist information. Traffic to the LCTO's website increased by 42% in one year.

In terms of the number of guided tours, tours of the Grand Ducal Palace attracted 10,617 people, a slight increase of 0.11% compared to 2016.


(Article written by the editorial team of the portal)
  • Updated 15-09-2017