A new absolute record for mutual funds

Net assets progress to 3.9 trillion euros, according to CSSF

Bilan des OPCThe Luxembourg sector of mutual funds is definitely on the move. Thus, the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (Commission de surveillance du secteur financier, CSSF) notes that as of 31 July 2017, the net assets of mutual funds were at 3,957 billion euros, an increase of 9.84% in one year and an absolute record. These assets are managed by 4,133 mutual funds, versus 4,170 in July 2016, which represents a slight decrease.

Geographical differences

These numbers are the result of diverging developments: on the one hand, European, US and Japanese equity mutual funds experienced slight losses, particularly in relation to the recent appreciation of the euro against the dollar and the Japanese Yen, and this despite encouraging economic data.

On the other hand, mutual funds targeting emerging countries in Asia have benefited from stable economic data from China and a favourable overall economic environment. For equity mutual funds in Eastern Europe and Latin America, it was mainly the rise in the price of oil and main raw materials that supported positive performances.

Despite these differences, mutual funds have generally posted a positive net capital investment, reinforcing Luxembourg's position as a global center for investment funds.

The list of mutual funds includes mutual funds subject to the 2010 law, Specialized Investment Funds (SIFs) and SICARs.

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  • Updated 05-09-2017