Luxembourg, an increasingly popular tourism destination

An overview of the first semester was presented on 10 August 2017

Bilan touristique 1er semestre 2017During a press conference on 10 August 2017, the Secretary of State of the Economy Francine Closener presented the figures for tourist numbers in the first six months of 2017. According to surveys carried out by Luxembourg for Tourism, Luxembourg is attracting increasing numbers of visitors to explore it.

The Mullerthal Trail and youth hostels are very popular

The details of the survey provide information about tourism hot spots: the Mullerthal Trail, a waymarked trail that runs through Luxembourg's Little Switzerland region over a distance of 112 km, had a 64.8% increase in visitors compared to the first six months of 2016. This trail enjoyed good weather during the first six months of the year, undoubtedly attracting many hikers during the very hot weeks in May and June. These visitors enjoyed walking in the refreshing shade of the trees and rock formations.

Castles also enjoyed the high number of visitors, attracting 10% more people than in the same period in 2016. Leisure sites have had an overall increase in bookings of 14.9%.

In terms of overnight stays, these figures translate into an increase of 9.2% at camp sites and 9.4% at youth hostels. The nine youth hostels in Luxembourg took advantage of this in 2017: from the youth hostel in Luxembourg City, located under the Bock promontory and at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Area, to the hostel in Bourglinster located in a picturesque village, to the very modern hostel on Echternach lake, without exception, Luxembourg youth hostels enjoy very high standards of facilities and cleanliness.

Visitors love the Moselle

Hotels have enjoyed a 3.8% increase in bookings. Among the different regions, the capital has the best results with an increase of 6.2% in overnight stays for Luxembourg City alone.

For the other regions, it is mainly the Luxembourg Moselle which is very popular with tourists, with 3.5% more visits in 2017 than in 2016. The Luxembourg Ardennes (+1%) and the Terres Rouges (Land of the Red Rocks) in the south (+0.8%) also had an increase in the number of tourists, while the Central West region (-1.6%) and the Mullerthal (-0.8%) saw a drop in visitor numbers.

City trips are on the rise

A combination of different factors explains the positive result achieved in the first semester of 2017 in the various accommodation facilities: increased promotion, a strongly growing demand for short city trips, mild weather, particularly during school holidays and public holidays, the dynamic economy in both Luxembourg and the euro zone, as well as the return of visitors from further afield.

Let's not forget either that the 2017 edition of the Tour de France attracted many visitors to Luxembourg so that they could cheer on their favourite cyclists. It will also be interesting to see how Luxembourg can take advantage of this event and its extensive media coverage to attract more visitors in 2018. The aerial cameras covering the Tour de France showed beautiful images of the regions which the race passed through.

(Article written by the portal's editorial team / Source: press release from the Ministry of the Economy)

  • Updated 16-08-2017