Holidays: Luxembourg residents prefer to relax

According to a Statec study, each resident of the Grand Duchy spends an average of €770 on a holiday.

24-vacancesIn 2016, 81% of residents aged 15 and over went away on holiday for at least one night. In total, 390,000 tourists spent €1.09 billion on their holidays last year, an average of €770 per trip. This is €20 more per trip than in 2015.

As for the destinations, the vast majority (92%) choose countries on the European continent. France and Germany come joint first with 18%, followed by Spain (8.4%), Italy (7.6%), Portugal (7%) and Belgium (6.4%). Among the destinations outside Europe, Asia tops the list (especially Thailand, the UAE and China). Africa is ahead of the continents of America and Oceania.

11 days of relaxation in summer for Luxembourgers

On average, for residents of the Grand Duchy, holidays last 8 days and 7 nights. One third of trips are short breaks of no longer than three nights. The longest trips are taken in the summer months and last 11 to 12 days.

36% of residents polled indicated that their main motivation for travel is relaxation. 23% prefer to visit family or friends, while 19% say they go on holiday for cultural reasons. These motivations vary according to the duration of the trip and the departure month. Visiting family or friends and cultural visits are frequent reasons for short breaks. Longer trips are mostly motivated by the need for rest and relaxation: 40% are mainly motivated by the need to rest and 13% want to enjoy the beach.

A little over half of Luxembourgish travellers chose a hotel for their stay, while 23% stay with family or friends. Only 14% of tourists rent a property, while 6% stay in their own holiday home. Camping remains a very marginal option with 2% of holidaymakers choosing this type of accommodation.

(Article written by the editorial team of the portal)

  • Updated 26-07-2017