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High-end products attract people

06-shoppingStudy on the evolution of the commercial development of the capital

On 29 June 2017, the consulting firm 'CIMA, Beratung + Management GmbH', presented the results of a recent study which analyzed the city's commercial development, particularly in the pedestrian zone of the city centre and the area of the railway station. According to the study, the turnover increased from 365 million in 2010 to 534 million euros in 2017. In addition, the commercial surface area has gone up by 13% since 2010.

The capital has thus succeeded in broadening its potential as an international city with great shopping opportunities.

The train station district - the Avenue de la Liberté attracts many shoppers

High-end products attract the most crowds in the city. Among those products, clothing and footwear are the most popular. Stores that sell porcelain and ceramics are in third place in the ranking.

The stores of the Grand-Rue, rue du Curé, avenue de la Porte-Neuve and avenue de la Gare attract the most passers-by: 40.000 people were counted in those areas within three days. Furthermore, the pedestrian flow is the highest on Saturday, which establishes itself as the most popular day of the week for shopping.

We can also see that the Gare district enjoys the same popularity as the centre. On account of an international study 'Mystery Shopping' dating from January 2012, the Avenue de la Liberté is ranked 2nd most prestigious and attractive avenue in the world. The survey assessed the atmosphere, the points of sale and the reception of customers by the staff.

E-shopping and the accessibility of the capital - the challenges

We note that almost all 534 stores have a website and are present on social networks, but only 1/3 offer e-shopping as a shopping alternative.
Wolfgang Haensch, author of the study, encourages stores to boost trade online, in order to facilitate the purchase of products.

The City Shopping Bus, connecting the Glacis car park to the city centre, free of charge buses and free open-air car parks on Saturdays and Sundays, encourages people to not only enjoy the shops, but also the restaurants on site. In addition, the study establishes that the capital is not only valued for its stores but also for its safety and cleanliness.

In the end, the results of the recent study will enable the City of Luxembourg to further improve the factors conductive to commercial development.

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  • Updated 11-07-2017