Discover Luxembourg's Little Switzerland in a different way!

You think you have seen everything of the Mullerthal? You think you know the region like the back of your hand? Expect to be surprised by the Discover 2017 summer programme then!

DL_201826Who says Mullerthal firstly thinks of the Trail, the Schiessentümpel waterfall and the culinary pleasures. But there is much more on offer in the region!

The Discover 2017 programme, set up for the summer season (9 June – 24 September) by the Regional Tourist Board Mullerthal – Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, highlights some lesser known, but just as charming aspects of the region with an interesting choice of guided tours for individuals and families, based on the subjects of culture, nature and children.

Secret places and romantic walks

On the cultural side, the tour 'Echternach Abbey - Top Secret' opens up some areas of the former abbey which are not publicly accessible otherwise, such as the central building, the cloister and the restored refectory.

The region's capital can also be explored with two guided tours: The 'Echternach - Citytour' (organised by the Echternach Tourist Office) leads to the city's main attractions, while the more romantic visitors can discover the regional history on Saturday nights with the 'Echternach Sunset City Promenade'.

The offer is rounded off with guided tours of the Beaufort renaissance castle.

Medieval rallyes and adventurous trails

As part of the 'Hits for Kids' formula, children can discover the region's medieval heritage with the 'Fotorallye Bourglinster' around and inside the castle, but there is also the 'Kuelscheier Family Tour' leading right through an enchanted rock formation near Consdorf (flashlights recommended!).

Regional forests and Ardennes horses

The ORT Mullerthal and the Nature and Forestry Agency (Administration de la nature et des forêts) once again offer carriage rides into the forest, where there is the work of the Ardennes draft horses on display. For this year's summer season, the carriage rides are being run four times a week and to different places: Echternach (Tuesdays), Beaufort (Wednesdays), Larochette and Kéidenger Brill (Thursdays) as well as Rosport (Fridays - on certain dates only).

Discover the region for little money!

Most of the guided tours are either free or 'pay as you like', which means payment at the participants' discretion at the end of the tour. The only exceptions: The 'Echternach - Citytour' and the Beaufort Castle, where the pricing is fixed.

So all you need to do now is discover the secret charms of Luxembourg's Little Switzerland!

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  • Updated 04-07-2017