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The Luxembourg Institute of Health publishes its 2016 report

A year which focused on prevention and personalised medicine

Rapport 2016 du LIHThe Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), a public research organisation dedicated to the biomedical sector, has just published its annual report for 2016. The LIH plays an active role in biomedical research in Luxembourg, and has 350 staff, including some 200 researchers, at its six locations across the country.

Its mission is to make biomedical discoveries and to develop them into clinical applications to improve healthcare and the health of the population. Its three fields of expertise are research on infections and immunology, oncology and public health , as well as theIntegrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL).

Focus on personalised medicine

In 2016, its efforts contributed to 292 publications, including 19 in recognised specialist international journals. In addition to these impressive achievements, 192 cooperation agreements were signed with the private sector, academic institutions and organisations, including the renowned German Cancer Research Centre (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ).

Thanks to a partnership with the University of Luxembourg, and as part of two research and training programmes, 30 PhD students will be trained over the next six years.

2016 also saw further advances in personalised medicine through promising discoveries, notably in the field of the intestinal microbiome and cardiovascular diseases. New research projects were initiated to study brain tumors, skin cancer and breast cancer, but also to improve treatment for immune system imbalances such as allergies.

(Article written by the editorial staff of the portal)

  • Updated 19-06-2017