City invaded by wild pianos

The 'My Urban Piano' project is back in Luxembourg City. Over the period of a fortnight, passers-by will be welcome to play one of the pianos, creating a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.


Got a melody by Beethoven or Keith Jarrett in your head? Sit yourself down - it's free. From 1 to 18 June, Luxembourg City will be providing the public with 21 pianos, including one self-service mobile piano, in the streets of the City.

The instruments are located in tourist spots and in various neighbourhoods and parks in the capital so that passers-by - whether they are amateurs or experienced musicians - can express themselves by improvising spontaneous mini-concerts, making the City vibrate to the sounds of the piano. 

Like other projects focusing on the piano in other capital cities all over the world, 'My Urban Piano Luxembourg' is intended to be an annual participatory event. Each piano has been decorated by children at the City's schools, youth centres, and Scout groups. Each instrument is a work of art in itself, perfectly fitting into its urban environment. The closing concert will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, 18 June, on the Place de la Constitution.

Send us your video clip

Throughout the period from 1 to 18 June, anyone uploading a clip on Facebook or YouTube of a micro-concert or piano-based event tagged with the key words #luxembourgcity and #myurbanpiano2017 could win an iPad. To take part, just send the link to the clip to the address with the name, address and phone number of the person who filmed the clip.

And here's where you'll find the pianos:

  • Luxembourg City train station
  • Gare - cultural and sports centre
  • Gasperich - Place de l'Horloge
  • Merl/Belair - Merl Park
  • Centre - Edmond Klein Park
  • Gare - Place des Martyrs
  • Centre - Plateau du St Esprit
  • Centre - Rue de la Reine
  • Old town - Rue Large
  • Grund - Neimënster
  • Cents - Rham Centre
  • Old town - Bock outcrop
  • Pfaffenthal - lift to the upper part of the City
  • Centre - courtyard of St Alphonse church
  • Limpertsberg - Place Laurent
  • Kirchberg - Trois Glands Park
  • Kirchberg - Coque Park
  • Findel - Luxembourg Airport
  • Bonnevoie - Place du Parc
  • Bonnevoie - Rotondes
 (article written by the editorial team of the portal
  • Updated 12-06-2017