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Fonds national de la recherche (FNR, National Research Fund) 2016 report: moving towards excellence and impact in research

195 projects supported in 2016 for a total amount of €80.4 million.

Rapport annuel du FNRThe National Research Fund (FNR) has just presented its 2016 report. According to the FNR's managers, it was a positive year that has seen fruitful international cooperations and the launch of several large-scale projects. Through its activities, the FNR pursues its mission of implementing a sustainable research system with an international reputation that will have significant consequences for society and in the strategic economic sectors for Luxembourg.

For better doctoral training programmes

Excellence and impact in research were the two leitmotifs for the FNR in its activities. These are values which the FNR not only applies to its evaluation and selection procedures, but also in its own management methods.

The major projects handled in 2016 include an important inter-institutional agreement on doctoral training programmes in Luxembourg. This agreement, negotiated between the University of Luxembourg and the research centres Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research(LISER), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology(LIST) and the Max Planck Institute (MPI), allows the research centres to supervise doctoral students enrolled at the university.

Furthermore, the FNR has implemented a programme to finance a number of doctoral and post-doctoral grants in order to support major industrial collaborations (IPBG – Industrial Partnership Block Grant). A joint project between the LIST and the Goodyear Innovation Centre was selected for financing.

At international level, the FNR concluded an important cooperation agreement with the National Research Foundation of Singapore.

The highest standards applied

In 2016, the FNR evaluated 581 submitted proposals. All in all, 195 projects – representing around 33 % of applications submitted – were selected for financing: 78 research projects, 54 research communication projects and 63 AFR grants for doctoral and postdoctoral students. To finance all the projects selected in 2016, the FNR committed €80.4 million.

In total, 211 projects were finalised in 2016.

Other than receiving ISO 9001 certification, the FNR was evaluated by the Evaluation Center of the University of Western Michigan and INTERFACE, which certifies that the FNR applies the highest international standards in its project selection methods.

(Source: Press release from the National Research Fund (FNR))

  • Updated 08-06-2017