2017 Servais Prize awarded to Nora Wagener

The 28-year-old Luxembourgish writer has won the Servais literary prize for her work entitled 'Larven'.

22-servaisNora Wagener has won the 2017 Servais Prize, while Anita Gretsch and Claire Leydenbach have received the incentive award for the novel entitled 'L’œil grand fermé'.

A poetic, imaginative style

The work by Nora Wagener entitled 'Larven' selected by the jury contains about fifteen portraits of ordinary people. Orphans, couples who don't get on any more, jealous siblings - just some of the characters cleverly portrayed in the book. Constantly changing characters, evolving as the pages go by, like the 'larvae' of the title - all lacking in communication.

And not just the Servais Prize

This is not the first literary award the Luxembourgish writer has won. She has already received a number of awards for other works (mainly in German), both in the Grand Duchy (several awards in 2012 and 2014) and further afield, including the Manfred Maurer literary award in Austria in 2012. She has also written a play that is performed here in the Grand Duchy, and recently turned her hand to the first re-edition of Les Cahiers Luxembourgeois.

The Servais Prize was first awarded in 1992.

For more than twenty years, the Servais Prize has been one of the most important literary awards in the Grand Duchy. It is awarded each year to a Luxembourgish writer by the Servais Foundation; there is no restriction on the language used in the work. The winner is awarded more than 4,000 euros

The first writer to win the Prize was Roger Manderscheid in 1992 for 'De Papagei um Käschtebam'. Nora Wagener is the fifth woman to win this prestigious award.

The Servais Prize will be presented officially on 4 July at the National Literature Centre, at a special evening gala ceremony. 

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  • Updated 26-05-2017