The 'Guide for one day' tourism initiative has been launched

Let Luxembourg residents show you their Luxembourg

Guided tours of Luxembourg are very popular, particularly in Luxembourg City, an ancient capital with many architectural and cultural gems. The Easter weekend alone saw the number of guided tours in Luxembourg City increase by 40% compared to last year.

But in Luxembourg, now it's not only up to licensed tourist guides to show visitors the beauty of the country: with the 'Guide for one day' initiative set up by the Ministry of the Economy, every resident can show interested parties their very own Luxembourg.

Initially, volunteers who want to become ambassadors for their country can sign up until 9 June 2017 on the platform, by describing their idea and entering all the relevant information.

The tours thus offered between 23 June and 9 July 2017 are entirely free of charge and cover themes including neighbourhood life, nightlife, shopping, heritage/history, Luxembourg markets, cafés/gastronomy and leisure/sports. The tours generally last an hour and a half and are aimed at up to 10 people who confirm their participation by signing up on the website, which will be available in English, French, German and Luxembourgish.

Whether you're a Luxembourger, an expat, a newly arrived resident or any other interested party, take advantage of this initiative to discover the spectacular, hidden or simply unusual sides of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

(Article written by the portal's editorial team / Source: press release from the Ministry of the Economy)
  • Updated 24-05-2017