'Gewosst wéi!' - learn to write Luxembourgish correctly

This brochure is part of a campaign to promote Luxembourgish spelling

Gudde Moien*! Whether you live in Luxembourg or you're visiting the Grand Duchy, you will certainly hear a language being spoken that sounds to the uninitiated ear like a mix of Dutch, French and German. This is Lëtzebuergesch, the language of integration in Luxembourg and one of the country's three administrative languages. However, Lëtzebuergesch was long treated as a vernacular language, with no set spelling. With the new brochure 'Gewosst wéi!', the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth is offering a tool to all those who want to learn to write Luxembourgish correctly.

Seeking a standardised spelling

Lëtzebuergesch is spoken in 56% of households in Luxembourg, according to the 2011 general population census. And yet since 1948, public and private initiatives have tried to promote Luxembourgish as a written language, with mixed results, but above all with differing spelling rules. Nevertheless, we had to wait until 1984 for Luxembourgish to be recognised as an administrative language.

Since the advent of new media, Lëtzebuergesch has gone from strength to strength: whether for writing a message on Facebook or an email, the Luxembourgish language is now used on a daily basis in all means of communication. In order to promote the Luxembourgish language further, it has thus become necessary to determine a spelling and to promote it. 

Do you know how to write Lëtzebuergesch correctly?

The 'Gewosst wéi!' brochure explains the main spelling rules of the Luxembourgish language, illustrated by numerous examples taken from Luxembourgish cultural heritage (literature, film, music, etc.). 'Gewosst wéi!' provides an introduction to the spelling rules, explained and illustrated in fourteen chapters, but also allows the reader to go into more depth for a specific rule. At the same time, through the examples chosen, the brochure provides an insight into Luxembourgish vocabulary and cultural heritage. The brochure is also distributed in many public places (schools, libraries, municipalities, hospitals, youth clubs, etc.)

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The publication is part of the 'Weess du wéi?' campaign launched in January 2017 to raise awareness among the general public and get as many people as possible interested in Luxembourgish spelling, in a fun way.

*) 'Hello' in Luxembourgish

(Source: press release by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth / article written by the portal’s editorial team 

  • Updated 17-05-2017