Luxembourg City's ancient history on display at the MHVL

Luxembourg City History Museum now includes a permanent display devoted to the City's eventful history.

The Luxembourg StoryThe founding act of Luxembourg City, consisting of a document attesting the exchange of territory, dates back to the year 963 – Luxembourg City is therefore more than a thousand years old. The City has been occupied on several occasions, ransacked, and fortified. It has also known years of glory that can still be seen in its rich architectural heritage, influenced by centuries of exchange with all the cultures of continental Europe. Today it is as much a fortress city (on UNESCO's World Heritage List) as a European capital – a true crossroads of cultures and nationalities.

Follow the development of the City of Luxembourg

The new permanent display on the history of Luxembourg City - entitled The Luxembourg Story - has been open at the Luxembourg City History Museum (MHVL) since 5 May 2017. The display is spread over the three lower levels of the museum and includes an area devoted to present-day town planning (a total of 2,200 sq.m.).

The new presentation tells the eventful story of Luxembourg City, from its origins in the 9th century up to the present day, including the Middle Ages – when the House of Luxembourg was at its height –, the successive stages of occupation and expansion of the fortress, up to the opening of City and the two periods of German occupation during the two World Wars. In addition to these major dates in European history, everyday life has not been forgotten: the display shows how life in the city has evolved over the centuries, producing the mosaic population characteristic of Luxembourg City today.

The 'Future Outlook' section on covers the present-day organisation of the urban area and includes a gigantic 1:2500 3D scale model of Luxembourg City as it stands today.

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  • Updated 23-05-2017