Night of the Cathedrals on 6 May 2017

Discover the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Luxembourg

Nuit des cathédralesThe Cathedral Notre-Dame of Luxembourg participates in the 10th Night of the Cathedrals on 6 May 2017. Every year in this context, thirty cathedrals (especially French) open their doors until 11 p.m. and offer a rich cultural programme.

In Luxembourg, the event allows you to discover the new part of the cathedral, built in 1935, with its Art Deco elements and its collections of precious art. During the opening, musical performances will create a solemn atmosphere which is going to amplify the sacral importance of the building. This enables you not only to discover the Luxembourg architectural heritage, but also its religious heritage and the history of the building and its community.

Find the cpmplete programme here.

In Luxembourg City, the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Luxembourg was built between 1613 and 1621 by Jesuits to serve as a chapel for the adjoining school (today the National Library). If it's above all during the annual pilgrimage, called Oktav, that the eyes are turned on that building which dominates the skyline of the city of Luxembourg, the cathedral is a popular point of attraction for tourists.

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  • Updated 08-05-2017