Nine Luxembourgish artists at the Grand Palais

Luxembourg is one of the 11 countries exhibiting at 'Le Banquet' for the international biennial of arts and crafts in Paris.

03-revelationsFrom 3 until 8 May 2017, the Grand Duchy exhibits its know-how in arts and crafts at the Grand Palais in Paris during the 3rd edition of this biennial dedicated to art.

Versatile national artists at the 'Banquet'

After the frank national success of the exhibition De Mains de Maîtres (From Masters' Hands) the country is represented at the international Parisian exhibition 'Le Banquet' through 9 talented Luxembourgish artists:

  • Feyrouz Ashoura (stylist),
  • Tom Flick (stone sculptor),
  • Anne Claude Jeitz (glass),
  • Alain Calliste (glass),
  • Tine Krumhorn (creator of paper furniture),
  • Carine Mertes (felt artist),
  • Pascale Seil (glass blower),
  • Wouter van der Vlugt (sculptor),
  • Ellen van der Woude (ceramist).

What is the 'Le Banquet' exhibition?

In the effort of giving an overview of contemporary creation all around the world, the exhibition illustrates the vitality, singularities and creativity of international arts.

The 11 participating countries, among which Luxembourg ranges, will be grouped around islands in the nave of the Grand Palais. In all, some one hundred contemporary works of art are going to be on display against a backdrop which favours exchange between the works themselves and the visitors.

The French biennial Révélations promotes artistic creation, shares and promotes the know-how of the 400 different exhibitors and the 11 countries through an eclectic choice of artists. This is a perfect get-together of all those for whom art is a passion, professionals and adepts alike. 

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  • Updated 03-05-2017