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SES launches new connected vehicle

On 20 April 2017, the global satellite operator SES presented its new vehicle using Satcom technology.

Specially designed to cope with emergency situations such as disasters, locations with destroyed infrastructure, defence, humanitarian and civilian missions, SES's new rapid response vehicle is the first to offer collaborative communication technologies on multiple orbits and frequencies.

Solution based on Satcom technology

The new rapid response vehicle is the first to provide high-speed connectivity and global communication services worldwide in almost all situations: after disasters, in places with destroyed or non-existent infrastructures, etc.

It can easily be adapted to allow access for HD video-conferencing, continuous broadcasting, voice listening, a good-quality GSM link, and large file transfers, and offers emergency Wi-Fi Internet access. This makes the new vehicle particularly suitable for rescue efforts after major catastrophes (natural disasters and civil wars, for example).

It also makes it possible to set up various platforms, such as Satmed, for example, for health workers in general (hospitals, medical universities, etc.), offering online medical access.

In conclusion, this new rapid response vehicle launched by SES is highly versatile, capable of integrating and deploying a full range of technologies and communication solutions on a mobile vehicle. 

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  • Updated 28-04-2017