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What are the most favorable towns for European expats?

ECA International has recently issued its annual "Global Liveability ranking". Luxembourg-City is listed among the Top 10 cities.

14-expatECA International, an HR solution and information provider, has recently published its annual ranking of the most favorable cities for European expats. Luxembourg comes 9th among more than 470 cities analysed throughout the world.

ECA's ranking draws upon a wide range of factors such as health service, crime rate, teaching quality, infrastructure, leisure or air quality.

Swiss and Dutch cities come first

According to the ranking, the cities of Copenhagen and Bern offer the best conditions worldwide for European expats. The two capital cities have shared the top spot since 2013! Beside the excellent medical facilities, notable caracteristics include a low crime rate, a high standard of education and a good air quality.

Likewise, the worldwide Top 10 are being dominated by Swiss and Dutch cities such as The Hague (3rd position), Geneva (4th), Basle (6th) as well as Amsterdam and Eindhoven (7th ex aequo). As to North and South America, the cities of Toronto and Santiago de Chile are most favorable for European expats respectively.

At the bottom of the ranking, the Afghan cities of Lashkar Gah and Kandahar are considered least favorable for European expats in terms of adjustment to life and work.


(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)

  • Updated 24-04-2017