What are the most popular social media in Luxembourg?

In its most recent survey, TNS Ilres sheds light on the most employed social media platforms in Luxembourg.

13-socialmediaFacebook wins (nearly) all the votes

Without great surprise, Facebook is the most popular social network in Luxembourg. Being cited by nearly 80% of the interviewed persons, it is the social media benchmark in the Grand Duchy, particularly among the 16-24 year old people. The second and third steps of the rostrum are occupied by "visual" platforms, namely Instagram (used by 26% at country level) and Snapchat (24%). Both platforms have a predominantly female audience.

Twitter, not used that much

The social network being all the rage among the youth abroad (16-24 year old), particularly in the United States and France, is not quite as popular in Luxembourg. According to the TNS survey, only 16% of the interviewedmake use of the social network sporting the little blue bird. Thus, at country level, Twitter trails Pinterest and LinkedIn. The latter two are mostly employed in a professional context.

At the bottom of the ranking, there are social networks such as Tumblr (used by 4%), Flickr (2%) and Xing (1%).

Notably, though, 15% of the interviewed indicate no employment of the social media listed by TNS (a majority of whom is aged 65+).

The TNS study has been carried out in March 2017 with a panel of 500 persons aged 16+ and representing the overall population.


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  • Updated 24-04-2017